26 Things Learned In 26 Years

26 Things I’ve Learned In The Last 26 Years

26 Things I’ve Learned In The Last 26 Years

Today, I’m the oldest that I’ve ever been, and well, you are too.

Trying to come up with something to say about another year seems next to impossible because how can you sum up a year…but really? Life has not been what I expected. It hasn’t followed the map that I colored into being with crayons and backyard grass stews. Nope, not all.

But, when I sit back, and truly take in this life with all its spaghetti loops and tomato sauce stains, I’m licking my lips. Or grabbing a napkin. Although not what I expected, I want to take it all in.

26 Snippets of Thoughts and Realizations From The Birthday Girl

Ah, but here’s something I wrote for me and you. A small collection of random things I’ve learned from childhood until now. Honestly, I think I could write this list much longer, but for the sake of the age I say goodbye to, I’ll stick with 26 items.

  1. Don’t hold your doughnut over the floor. Someone will take a bite out of it.
  2. Covering your baby sister up with blocks does not make her go away. It doesn’t work with other problems either.
  3. Don’t trust all people with your secrets. Especially when you are 9 and your best friend tells your crush that you like him.
  4. Pronunciation matters. “Tr” is not “F.”
  5. High heels command attention.
  6. Speak up when something doesn’t feel right even when you feel stupid or silly for doing so.
  7. Don’t say mean things about people. Believe that their error was an accident.
  8. Don’t admit to not knowing dirty things because some people will take too much fun in telling you the gross thing.
  9. When you smell bad, put on deodorant.
  10. Kids are mean.
  11. For everything you conquer, there’s a new, bigger, scarier thing around the corner.
  12. When you hit a car and you could drive away because no one saw, write a note anyway and leave your contact information. Sometimes you become friends.
  13. Sometimes you lie so much that it becomes almost like truth, even to you.
  14. Fake it until you make it.

  15. Words heal if you let them.
  16. Protect your boundaries and other’s boundaries.
  17. The act of loving is worth the heartache of losing love.
  18. Imagination is a delightful and frightful place.
  19. Don’t sip tea too fast or too hot.
  20. Food fuels your body, even the “bad” food, so enjoy!
  21. Sometimes friendships end, whether dramatically or quietly, and that’s okay.
  22. Believe you’re beautiful and capable, because tearing yourself apart with comparisons means you always come out worse for the wear.
  23. Fail at hard things. The results will surprise you.
  24. Believe that every person is doing the best they can with what they have.
  25. Even in the middle of deep struggle, God loves you (even when you hate him).
  26. Fresh cherries taste nothing like cherry medicine.


Did you have a favorite item from this list? I’d love to know!



  1. Hoi   •  

    6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 17, 21, 23, 24 and 26.

    26 – most fruit flavoured stuff does not taste like actual fruit!

    • Barbara   •     Author

      Hoi, I just love every number you chose. I went back and re-read each of those. And they ring truer than true. But especially artificial cherry. gross.

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