7 Reasons I Love Aerial Silks

aerialist in crossback straddle

Sometimes I daydream about being able to fly. Yes, ridiculous, I know. But, I’ve always loved flying. While others say that flying in airplane terrifies them, I love it. So much so, I’ve considered getting my pilot license.

But, then, one day, I learned that you could fly without wings.

In the circus industry, any type of aerial silks, trapeze, pole, or hoop are considering flying. As an addict to adventure, whether physically traveling to a new country to exploring a new place through the pages of a book, I knew I had to try aerial silks.

7 Reasons I Love Aerial Silks

Reasons I Love Aerial Silks

1. I’ve learned to trust my body.

When I first climbed to the top of the aerial silk, I glanced down and my breath caught. I had no harness. If I let go, I’d fall. But then, I realized that I wouldn’t let myself fall. That realization was extremely empowering.

2. Space for every body.

Circus (or aerial silks) welcomes every body type. At one of my studio’s performances, I remember thinking to myself, “Circus people are undercover superheros.” Sometimes you would never know the strength and flexibility a person has just by looking at them.

3. The combination of strength and grace

The beautiful poses that aerialists hold in their choreography or photos require an incredible amount of strength. Moreover, most not only work for strength but also flexibility.

4. My upper body and core are stronger than ever before.

For most of my life, my lower body proclaimed its muscular dominance. At only 7 months of aerial silks, I can now do full push-ups. And, the once illusive pull-up just might put in an appearance in the next few months.

5. The circus community

I’m not sure what it is about the quality of people who love and do circus, but they are so welcoming. Everyone wants to see you succeed and improve on your personal best. No matter what level you’re at, the entire class will cheer for you when you nail your current nemesis!

6. The reactions of friends to my circus shenanigans.

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the curiosity I meet when I say that I’m a newbie aerialist. Most people have no idea what an aerialist is, and I’m always more than happy to explain, usually starting with, “You know, Cirque de Soleil?”

7. It never feels like a workout.

Most of all, I love that I’m so wrapped up in the movement that I often forget how hard I’m working. Usually, I’m reminded within the following 24 hours. Every class includes a warm-up, a series of poses, and conditioning. I love when a workout feels like playing!


What’s your favorite workout? Would you ever try aerial silks or another circus activity?


  1. Linda S   •  

    wow! I have never imagined myself doing something like this, but I think it’s amazing and absolutely gorgeous! thanks for sharing it with us on this week’s Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop!

    • Barbara   •     Author

      Linda, thank you so much for jumping over to my blog from the linkup and commenting!!! I really enjoy the blog hop, and I’m about to go see what everyone else shared!

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