Barbara Brutt

Hiya, I’m Barbara!

I believe words heal. Whether written or read, words have a way of building a bridge from the heart to the mind. I want to explore that.

I’m a 20-something hope-in-progress bent on growing despite the gritty, pot-holed road of adulthood. Jump in the passenger seat and I’ll try to be a good driver!

My work experience includes a smattering of jobs from shop girl to project manager with a healthy dose of nanny and house-cleaner. Basically, I’m your Jane of all trades.

I’ve lived in three countries (USA, Dominican Republic, and Austria), and I’ve visited 17 more countries on top of that. My goal is to visit the world. Shhh! A girl can dream!

Currently, I live a nomadic life so I blog most often in a borrowed space. My most cherished dream (besides traveling the world) is to become a published novelist (I’ve completed a manuscript!).

I rarely turn away ice cream (peanut butter please) and only buy purses that provide room for a book or two (or a kindle).

I’d love to connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. Oh, I Snapchat @piquelar, too! Quick! Go message me your current read!

Or scroll to the bottom of the page and send me an old fashioned, dependable email!

Cordially (and with so much love),



Barbara Brutt

Hire Barbara:

I have a keen eye for grammar and punctuation errors, sharpened by my familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style and other writing styles, including APA and MLA. I’ve written press releases and bios. I’m the biggest nerd in the classroom and will happily spend all my free time engrossed in the writing, the editing, or the reading of words. If you have another idea for collaboration, please use the links above or the contact form below to message me!

I can hardly wait to hear from you!


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