April 2017 Inspiration

April 2017 Inspirations

April isn’t a month that I pay too much attention to, honestly. However, I think it makes a good name. Somehow it’s both whimsical and practical all at once. How could a word do that? If you could be named any month, which would you choose?

I think I’d either choose April or September. Maybe. This might be one of those things that changes monthly, or weekly.

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What I’m Being Inspired By

My Pinterest homefeed tells the truth of my current obsession and searches. Right now, I’m seeing a lot of aerial hoop and pink pastels. What’s your Pinterest show about you??

Current Jam:

While in South Africa, I joined my friends at an outside music festival where Matthew Mole played. His music was so fun that I find myself listening to him again and again. This one has been most played, I think!

Current Food:

Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care Tea, 16 Tea Bags

Although not a food food, I love Gypsy Cold Care tea.

Oh, so, for the first time in a long time, a cold sledge-hammered me, and for two days, I barely functioned. I hate to admit it, but some colds are just nasty, drag-out attacks. I still have a touch of the cold, but am functioning just fine.

Current Read:

April 2017 Inspirations

A couple of months ago, a friend wrote on my Facebook telling me that she was pumped to be able to finally recommend a book to me. And finally, this book has surfaced to the top of my pile. I love book recommendations.

Current Obsession:

iPhone SE Case, iPhone 5 5s Case,DOMIRE Soft Silicone Funny Cartoon Character TPU Clear Cases Anti-Slip Thicken Good Grip Protective Case for iPhone SE 5 5S

So this awkward, but I’m totally obsessed with Stitch right now. Yup, Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I haven’t watched the movie in forever, but I just purchased the above Stitch case for my new phone. This case just cracks me up (and it’s cheap and fits my phone nicely)!

Current Quote:

April 2017 Inspiration

meme created by bibliophile.reviews and used with permission

I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of Sandra Byrd’s A Lady in Disguise before the book released, and I loved it. Moreover, the story is filled with good quotes, like the one above, and she references The Little Women and Alice in Wonderland. Really, what could be better?


What’s Inspiring YOU?

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