Book Recommendation: Move Toward The Mess

Book Recommendation: Move Toward The Mess
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Move Toward The Mess jumped out at me from the e-newsletter. When I saw the title, my thoughts went like this: “Oh, I’m a mess. I should read that because I need to figure out how to lean into my own messy existence and be okay with my mess.” (Also, I love Andy Stanley, and he wrote the foreword)

And so, I requested to read and review.

Book Recommendation: Move Toward The Mess

Book Recommendation:

Move Toward The Mess by John Hambrick

Read it. Enter the contest to win your own copy. Buy your own copy. Borrow it from the library. But seriously, I think everyone should take a stab at this book.

The point is so clear…that you can’t mess it up. And if you do, well,…you did it right. Probably.

About Move Toward The Mess

Are you bored with your Christian life? The game of trying to keep everything ordered and pristine…keeping the mess out? Your eyes are glazing over every church sermon, and when other Christians talk about this or that.

What can you do to get out of the boring? John Hambrick shows a packrat’s treasure trove of discombobulated living to keep you busy and entertained for maybe a lifetime.

But the idea is simple. Move toward the mess.

Book Recommendation: Move Toward The Mess

Book Recommendation: Move Toward The Mess

Move Toward The Mess STRUGGLES

Move Toward The Mess surprised me with its simple ideas for living life. I liked that John Hambrick shared ministries that he has a heart for. The examples were interesting, but after a while, I tired of hearing about the same ministries again and again. I wanted to hear about other ministries and see a wider variation.

Yet, you can see the author’s heart for these organizations. And that is priceless.

Move Toward The Mess LOVES

But, I absolutely LOVED this book. John Hambrick analyzed what motivates Christians (or really, all people) into serving others. How you are motivated decides how long you’ll serve in an organization. Moreover, Hambrick talked boundaries.

A few points that I’ll carry with me from Move Toward The Mess.

  1. Don’t allow guilt to obligate you to service.
  2. Set boundaries for yourself, allowing free time for self-recovery.
  3. Move toward the mess.

Move Toward The Mess offers more detail into how live an un-boring life with very do-able mindsets. Please put Move Toward The Mess on your 2017 reading list.

Book Recommendation: Move Toward The Mess

Quick Review: Move Toward The Mess 

On a scale of cotton candy to Brussels sprouts, Move Toward The Mess by John Hambrick is a strong cup of coffee. This book adrenalizes (not a word, I know) life.

John Hambrick unpacks the standard Christian life, and how boring doesn’t need to be a part of it. After all, Jesus was anything but boring. He caused scandal in all of the civilized parts of society. He moved toward the mess.

This book analyzes heart passions, guilt, boundaries, and serving. I think if you’ve ever struggled with boring or burnout…Move Toward The Mess is for you.

I picked up this book because I thought I was the mess, but instead, I’ve realized that I can move this mess of mine towards others. We need each other.

What Mess Should You Be Moving Towards?

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