Durban, South Africa: An Ode to Food

Durban, South Africa: An Ode to Food

If you know me, you know I like food. Of course, as much as I love culinary delights, I’m also okay with pepper jack cheese and Wheat Thins. You’re just as likely to find me making a risotto as you are to find me eating scrambled eggs for dinner.

Sometimes, I even wear lipstick and sweatpants….at. the. same. time.

When I visited South Africa, my friend and I explored the city of Durban. And for me, exploring a city is just as much about the food as seeing the sights.

Durban, South Africa: An Ode to Food

The weekend before heading to South Africa, we attended a music festival where I accidentally befriended an old drunk. This old drunk is British and a lady’s man, but he had lots of advice for me. 

“Try the Bunny Chow.” He leaned towards me while holding a can of something in his hand.

“The what?” As I try to lean away from his breath and proximity, but I’m also picturing Bunny Chow. Is it like Puppy Chow, all Chex mix, chocolate, and sugar?

“Just try it.”

And when I mentioned this encounter to my friend, she agreed that when you go to Durban, you eat Bunny Chow. And so we did.

Little Gujarat

Recommended by 55 Things To Do In Durban For Under R250, we sought out Little Gujarat. This hole-in-the-wall eatery is located at 43 DR Goonam St. 031 305 3148. Also, the traffic is insanity, and you can double park when you parallel park on the street. The food was worth it.

Durban, South Africa: An Ode to Food

Bunny Chow (buhn-ee chou) noun – a loaf of bread scooped out and filled with an Indian curry.

If you’re wondering, the Bunny Chow lived up to its fame. I really liked it although if someone had been watching they might have been confused by my tears. I promise the tears stemmed from the burning sensation inspired by the curry!

The Freedom Cafe

Also mentioned 55 Things To Do In Durban For Under R250, this cafe felt like our own personal secret because we would have NEVER found it on our own. Located at 34 St Mary’s Avenue, Greyville, Berea, Durban. 031 3094453, we opted for trying lunch.

I was absolutely delighted by the Freedom Cafe.

Created from two cargo containers and shaded by a giant tree, this is the nature lover’s ideal spot. Moreover, a hot African day doesn’t feel so hot under the shade of the tree.

Durban, South Africa: An Ode to Food

While I opted for a burger, my friend chose something much more adventurous: avocado blue pear wrap. And the food was stunningly beautiful as well as beyond delicious. 

Check out the menu here to see the selection.

Durban, South Africa: An Ode to Food

Honestly, the Freedom Cafe felt like the best of dreams with a gentle breeze ruffling the leaves and the over-hanging flags. Meanwhile, sunshine sparkled across tables, plates, and faces. I wanted to stay there all day.

Durban, South Africa: An Ode to Food

Also, the Freedom Cafe had these adorable sweeteners. I’m a bit ashamed at how much I giggled over this package.

I kept repeating the word to myself.


Hhmmm, that does sound like sweetener, except softer.

Gosh, I’m such a word nerd. I like the way words sound and how they work together.


Colombo Coffee & Tea

Part way through the trip, my friend declared, “I’m going to find you an amazing chai.”

You see, the Chai latte has been near and dear to my heart since high school because it was the first hot beverage that I ever liked. Since then, chai is my go-to drink. And while in South Africa, I kept coming up short. I loved Mugg & Bean (dessert central), but the Chai tasted fake (preservatives galore).

But then, we found Colombo. Located at Shop 1, 59 Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban North, Colombo is slightly outside the main downtown area of Durban.

Durban, South Africa: An Ode to Food

There it is, folks. The best Chai we could find in Durban, South Africa. Now, is it the best in the country? No clue. I need to go back.

If any of you want to fund that trip so I can find The BEST Chai in South Africa, I’ll happily agree.

Durban, South Africa: An Ode to Food

The candied fruit muffin was a good idea, but I think it was a bit too dry. However, I enjoyed the candied fruit.

I ate SO much good food while in Durban, South Africa, but I admit that I didn’t photograph it because I wanted to be fully present in the moment. Okay, okay, I was just hungry.

How do you visit a city? Are you food motivated or historical monument motivated?



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