February 2017 Inspiration

Truthfully, I get so caught up in January that I forget about poor, little February. And so, here’s my February inspirations a little bit late this year. Throw a little love into the world this year, you all!

What I’m Being Inspired By

I enjoy gathering up the things that are delighting me each month. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve got nothing. But other times, I’m like, “How could I ever choose?!”

Current Jam:

How can it be that this song is so dance-y and yet SO chill??? I don’t know how musicians do it. But, this song stumbled into my view a week ago, and I just can’t stop. Who’s up for a dance party?

Current Food:

February 2017 Inspiration

Oh, how boring can a girl get? I’m finding satisfaction in my morning, microwaved oatmeal. I dump a half cup of oatmeal into a bowl, submerge it in water, heat for a minute thirty…and then, the party begins: a tablespoon of peanut butter, a spoonful of honey, a chopped up banana, and a half cup of plain yogurt. YUmmmmmm.

Current Read:

February 2017 Inspiration

When a friend suggested I read A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken, my inner dialogue went like this: “Why would I ever pick up a book with such an awful title? Severe Mercy?? Ugh.” But, I’m so glad that I grabbed this book. The poetic prose on what love is distracts me to no end (in a good way). You need it on your book list now.

Current Obsession:

February 2017 Inspiration

Guys, I can’t stop. I can’t, can’t stop. I’m absolutely and totally obsessed with aerial silks. If I’m not doing aerial silks, I’m likely daydreaming about how to improve my form on a number of tricks (especially inversions [knee hook and double crotchet and crossback]). If you haven’t tried aerial silks, you must!

Current Quote:

“The soul is like a wild animal–tough, resilient, savvy, self-sufficient, and yet exceedingly shy.

If we want to see a wild animal, the last thing we should do is to go crashing through the woods, shouting for the creature to come out.

But if we are willing to walk quietly into the woods and sit silently for an hour or two at the base of a tree, the creature we are waiting for may well emerge.”

– Parker Palmer

I just finished reading Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman, and she cites this quote in her book as she explores the idea of the soul. When I read that quote, I had to stop and reread it. The imagery of the soul resonates and awakes my creativity, I think.

What’s Inspiring YOU?

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