July 2017 Inspiration

July 2017 Inspiration

Despite knowing that July was coming, somehow it snuck up on me. But who can be mad at July for that? After all, we’re looking at a long weekend to celebrate the 4th of July! So it’s always fun to come up with these inspiration points. Of course, it also makes me scratch my head and wonder, “Is anything inspiring me?”

What I’m Being Inspired By

My life feels boring these days without the constant travels that I did while living in Austria, and I find myself missing the excitement of the unknown. At other points, this would signal the time to travel. But, a couple of things are keeping me grounded for now.

But there’s so much to be inspired by!

Current Jam:

I know Spotify is the place to be, but I’m stuck on YouTube. Why? Well, because while I was in Europe, I didn’t use Spotify so I crafted a ton of YouTube playlists. And this one from Imagine Dragons keeps getting clicked on by me. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that I make up about a million views on my own.

Current Food:

So yes, I’ve been eating. My favorite from this last month was homemade Mac ‘N Cheese. And I feel bad because I ate it ALL without taking a photo. So go, find some delicious Mac ‘N Cheese and think of me!

Current Read:

July 2017 Inspiration

I thoroughly enjoyed this cute read. I seriously think it could be the perfect beach read because you could plop down and read the entire thing in one sitting. A (Sort Of) Southern Romance had one of the best meet cutes that I’ve read, I think. I just love when characters start out angry at each other.

(Go and Buy IT <- this is an Amazon Affiliate link, but it doesn’t add cost to your purchase but it does help support this blog!)

Current Obsession:

July 2017 Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine fell in love with this shirt (from Evereve!), and she decided that our girl crew needed to have this shirt. About a week ago, this shirt showed up in my mail. And I think I’ve worn it almost every other day since it’s arrived. Hehe.

Current Quote:

What Inspiring YOU?


  1. Eli O.   •  

    I confess I haven’t watched Wonder Woman, but even I want that shirt! 🙂

    • Barbara   •     Author

      Right? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share that selfie or not…but I’m absolutely obsessed with that shirt!

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