May 2017 Inspirations

May 2017 Inspirations

Is it really May? The thunderstorms break the quiet of winter while the neon green of spring slams my eyeballs on the daily. But best of all, flowers flaunt fabulous phases of furple, flue, and fwhites. Okay, sorry, but I couldn’t think of an appropriate f-word for colors. Shh. It’s okay.

What I’m Being Inspired By

What haven’t I been inspired by? Okay, well, Pinterest tracks my obsessions best of all, and I think sometimes I’d be embarrassed to have anyone-not-me open my homefeed. (Circus and books everywhere, guys)

Current Jam:

All of you know that I just love music. Music speaks where I find no words and colors my emotions when I’ve muddied them with too much thinking. When I drive, I listen to the radio. I’m too lazy to work out other options, but this song rushed in and surprised me. I love the sound, and, well, those lyrics.

Current Food:

May 2017 Inspirations

As much as I love trying new food, I also love my old favorites. (Confession: I’m still jamming out to peanut butter oatmeal with a dash of plain yogurt and a whole banana) It’s only fair that I circle back to favorites every…all the time. But, grapefruit is totally my favorite afternoon snack right now.

Current Read:

May 2017 Inspirations

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be attending a writing conference, and I think I just might get to meet Deborah Raney. Luckily, I have a few weeks to come up with a not dumb thing to say to her. (AHhh, I love your books! How do you do it?)

But also, I like Melissa Tagg so a 3-novella book with these two authoresses? Yes, please.

Current Obsession:

May 2017 Inspirations

Ladies and Gentleman, I love aerial silks. But I tried the Lyra, and I think I also love the Lyra. Okay, basically, if it’s all about beautiful, strong, and flexible movements, I’m all in.

Current Quote:

Is it fair to quote myself? No? Well, Imma gonna do it anyway. And hope that you don’t hate me too much. I’m still twirling over my 7 Reasons I love Aerial Silks.

What’s Inspiring YOU?

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