Partner in Crime: Traveling Companions

Partner in Crime: Traveling Companions

Nothing sets your ideal partner in crime a part from the crowd when you become traveling companions. Traveling tests your plans and spontaneity. And, if you’ve done any type of traveling, you quickly figure out who you like to travel with and who you’d literally run away from if they said, “So I was wondering…” *you run away*

And when I say traveling, it absolutely includes road trips, train trips, walking trips, and plane trips. If your body is moving, that counts.

Or am I the only one that has a list of people I don’t want to go on a walk with? No? Danggit. I always knew I was an awful person.

Why does choosing traveling companions matter so much?

You’re kidding, right? It’s the same reason that you don’t date or friend every person you meet. Some people click, and some just don’t. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be nice to people when you don’t click or, if, unfortunately, you travel with them. No, I’m saying: choose your travel companions wisely. For your vacation. For your road trip. For your life.

But besides that, there’s the simple fact that every person likes to travel differently. I’ve observed this so much, that I’ve written about it in three different posts: the one below, Tourist vs. Traveler, and Why I’ll Never Be A T-Shirt Tourist Again.

Character Study: Tourist vs. Inhabitant

We all have different styles of traveling. On cruises, I’ve overheard people choosing to stay on the ship because they didn’t want to be yelled at by the island natives. For most Western cultures, the street sellers’ aggressive behavior is overwhelming and unfriendly.

But, baby, that’s the culture.

If you travel with someone who wants the resort experience but you want the street adventure, you’ll discover that the traveling together just didn’t happen.

Questions to Consider for Traveling Companions

1. What’s your planning style? Spontaneous or over-planner?

2. What are your goals for this trip? Vacation or to soak in the place’s culture?

3. Does timeliness matter to you?

4. Are you flexible when details don’t work out?

5. How do you deal with sleeping in an airport?

6. When you get frustrated or angry, how should I approach you?

7. Are you confident to go exploring on your own?

8. What topic of conversation always lifts your spirits? Puppies? Food?

9. Do you like souvenirs? What types?

10. What makes or breaks a trip for you?

11. How OCD are you? Or are you messy?

Obviously, these questions aren’t comprehensive, but they give you a place to start. Mostly, I’ve traveled with really great travel companions; however, I’ve had a few that I’d think twice about traveling with again. If you’re reading this, it probably wasn’t you. 😉

Do you look for a particular quality in your traveling companions?



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