Visiting Pittsburgh: 7 of the Best Places in the South Side

Visiting Pittsburgh: 7 of the Best Places in the South Side

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the South Side of Pittsburgh. A couple of specific things keep pulling me back to south of the city so I thought I’d share them with you. The coolest part is that I’m starting to become familiar with the South Side (aka I’m not using my GPS as much).

Visiting Pittsburgh: 7 of the Best Places in the South Side

1. Iron City Circus Arts

Visiting Pittsburgh: 7 of the Best Places in the South Side

This is the main reason I’m constantly in the South Side. Iron City Circus Arts (ICCA) offers circus classes in aerial silks, static trapeze, hoop/lyra, aerial rope, straps, pole, and aerial hammock. I’ve been hooked ever since my first class (and I’m afraid of heights so don’t let that stop you). The best part is that they offer an Intro to Aerial Arts drop-in class. You get to try a bunch of the apparatus!

$5 off to new students (be sure to mention it)



Visiting Pittsburgh: 7 of the Best Places in the South Side

I’m pretty sure that this is the coolest rock climbing, bouldering gym that I’ve ever seen. ASCEND has some free standing walls for climbing, one of which you can stand on top of. Meanwhile, they offer yoga and other fitness as well. Despite being afraid of falling, I’ve really enjoyed climbing at this gym

Shoe rentals and chalk is free for your first time. (P.S. ask around to see if you know someone who is an ASCEND member because they can’t get you in free for your first time)


3. Kyklops

A few years ago, I wanted a more adventurous piercing than just the earlobe or cartilage (still ear though). I asked marvyface  for a suggestion because she’s opinionated and smart. She suggested Kyklops. I’m a girl who loves ambiance and tasteful design. So I just love Kyklops. Meanwhile, I’m planning on another piercing soon, and I’m pumped. I’d trust Daria, the Kyklops piercer, forever and ever.

Oh, p.s. They do tattoos, too.


4. The Milk Shake Factory

Are you swooning? I am. With a bright red ceiling and stark white counters and walls, The Milk Shake Factory pulses with a modern yet old fashioned styling. This spot hits the top 15 of the best places to get a milk shake in Pittsburgh. For good reason, I still remember my first one. So, so good.


Pro-Tip: find free parking on South 21st Street.

5. The Library

Yup, it’s just a plain ole library. But, guys, I just can’t get enough of libraries. They’re a fabulous place to pop a squat, find a new book, or check your email. And I like this library with its collection of people, students next to a man with a giant suitcase and drooping eyelids.

I love working on my laptop there.

6. The Library

Yes, you saw that right. It’s not a typo. The South Side of Pittsburgh boasts The Library restaurant and bar. The menu items are named after famous authors and famous books. How fun is that?

The creative, writerly names of the food delights me over and over again.

7. Mallorca

This Portuguese restaurant is absolutely delightful with its sophisticated decor and delicious menu. I still dream about the Calamar Frito (breaded and fried squid). I didn’t know something so squishy could be crunchy! With 25 years under the belt, Mallorca has built a reputation for itself.


Do you have a favorite place in the South Side? Tell me in the comments!

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