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I love eating my way through cities, and I’m thrilled to share with you my favorite restaurants in Vienna. If you’ve been following along for a while, then you know that I lived near Vienna for over a year. And I fell head over heels in love with this beautiful city. Maybe if I had stayed longer, the stars in my eyes would have faded, but I’m not so sure.

Recently, I’ve been missing Vienna.

Therefore, I’m inviting you to join me as I reminisce over the restaurants that I frequented while in that iconic city.


My Favorite Vienna Restaurants


Cafe Sperl

This corner cafe has a special place in my heart for its old fashioned glamour. It doesn’t seem altered since it was established in 1880 (but of course it has toilets now), but when I visit this place, I can imagine all sorts of stories unfolding within the room. You must visit this cafe.

Cafe Sperl

a Melange aka Cappuccino

Meal: You can eat here, but I always go for dessert!

Drink: Kakao (hot chocolate)

Dessert: *Topfenstrudel (it’s not like cheesecake at all, but it’s similar)


1516 Brewing Company

My first memory of this place is when my small group met there. We crowded around a tiny table on the second floor (no smoking floor), and one of my friend told me I had to have the wings. Best Thing Ever. I think I only ordered that meal when I visited 1516. Feel free to check out reviews on TripAdvisor, but really, I think you should just go (and buy the wings).

1516 wings

the wings you must get at 1516

Meal: 1516 BBQ Buffalo Chicken Wings

Drink: Radler (a very popular, slightly alcoholic drink)

Dessert: Chocolate Brownie with Walnuts and Apricots (but I was always too full)


Eis Greissler

This is The BEST ice cream in Vienna as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve tried a lot of ice cream there. But it was Eis Greissler (ice gr-I-ssler) that stole the show for me, and when I visited the last time I bought a small box to eat in a sitting. I love ice cream that much.

Eis Greissler: Muuh! .... It comes straight from the cow and becomes Wow!

I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of Eis Greissler, but I found this on Pinterest.

Meal: N/A

Drink: N/A

Dessert: Topfen*, Mango, and Zotter-Schokolade (dark chocolate)

* Topfen is a hard thing for Americans to describe. It’s most often compared to cream cheese, but it’s really not the same. And that comparison has ruined Topfen for many Americans. It’s white, creamy, and slightly sweet. I love it.


Vietnam Bistro

I wish I could claim that I found this sweet mom and pop’s restaurant, but I didn’t. My friend found it, and once it was discovered, we visited often. Our favorite table was one of the two in the back of the restaurant although one day we sat under the awning (where bees wanted our food too!). I wish I could teleport there for a meal today. Seriously.

Vietnam Bistro - Wien, Austria

Image found on Yelp by Andreas R.

Meal: Pho bo or Bun bo

Drink: Radler

Dessert: I’m not even sure if they offer dessert!


7Stern Bräu

A huge group of us ended up here for dinner one night, and I shared a meat meal with a friend. But the best part of this time was dessert because it was dreamy. Always, always choose knödel everything. Go here just for that dessert. Seriously.

Meal: 7stern Skewer

Drink: Chilli Beer (okay, not really, but get a small one just to try)

Dessert: Topfennougatknödel mit Himbeersauce und Schlagobers (delicious chocolatey pastries with raspberry sauce and whipped cream)




Esterhazykeller - Wien, Austria. Sängerhalle Esterhazykeller

Image from Yelp user.

Do you want to see the coolest thing ever? You need to go to this place. I remember ducking into this side door in a small alley and then walking down and down and down to discover a giant restaurant. I would have never known! Check out these images.

Meal: Heurigen (buffet style where you go up to a counter and an attendant makes a plate according to your requests)

Drink: Welschriesling

Dessert: Apfelstrudel (apple strudel)


Das Kai

My friend discovered this fun restaurant because she finally discovered a sushi that she liked (deep-fried). The prices are good, and the food was tasty! Now, I don’t know what is the real deal for this type of cuisine, but I can say this restaurant was yummy. Try the KimChi!

Meal: Mozarella-Maki, KimChi

Drink: Mangosaft (mango juice)

Dessert: Tang-Yuan



This is The Place to go for schnitzel (in my opinion). When friends came to visit me, I made a point to take them to Schnitzelwirt for schnitzel. And goodness, you received a lot of food for your money. I suggest splitting a schnitzel unless you know that you want leftovers!

garlic schnitzel

This was the garlic schnitzel. Deliciously dangerous.

Meal: Cordon Bleu Schnitzel (otherwise go for the Wiener Schnitzel. The garlic schnitzel here will keep vampires away for a year at least)

Drink: Soda Zitrone (lemon soda)

Dessert: I’m always too full!



This chain restaurant is so easy, and this is why I loved it. It’s all throughout Vienna. This is where my friends and I went when we had a huge group or we were in a rush. The selection of freshly-made food created while you watch is pretty spectacular. I also liked that the affordability had to do with my food choices!

Meal: Homemade soup (it’s a seasonal menu) with bread

Drink: Peach Vanilla Black Tea (Vapiano brand)

Dessert: New York Cheesecake

Pinterest, baby!



It feels wrong not to mention this ice cream parlor. This is the place my Austrian friend dragged me when I first visited Vienna because the eis was her favorite. But, the truth is that their Eisknödel is the best that I’ve ever had. Eisknödel is ice cream molded around a fruit center and rolled in a sugar cookie.

eisknodel from Tichy in Vienna

This is the Himbeer-Eisknodel from Tichy. Delicious despite not liking Mohn

Meal: N/A

Drink: Almdudler (an Austrian classic soda) or Kaffee

Dessert: Eis-Marillenknödel and Himbeer-Eisknödel


Eat Your Way Through Vienna

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