January 2018 Inspiration

January continues to be one of my most favorite months despite the frigid temperatures. I think personal reflection is the catalyst to growth and change, and January is the month where so many people share their reflections from the previous year and hopes for the new year.

What I’m Being Inspired By

Current Jam:

The finished product that we can now see in theaters took 7 years to hit the big screen. Can you imagine? The writers behind this original musical spent years trying to find a company that would take the risk to invest in this movie. I’m so glad that they did because I LOVED The Greatest Showman.

Current Food:

Does tea count as a food? Because I think it should be since it’s clearly soul food during the winter months.

Current Read:

This is where I admit to having a reading obsession, but I guess you knew that, right? I’m currently in the middle of three different books: Everyone Brave Is Forgiven, Safe People, and The Saturday Night Supper Club. I’m enjoying each immensely.

Current Obsession:

I Workout So I Can Run Away With The Circus Heathered Oatmeal Medium Unisex Lightweight Pullover Sweatshirt by LookHUMAN

I’m completely obsessed with this sweatshirt on Amazon (yes, that’s an affiliate link at no extra cost to you). Whoever designed it should win an award. And I was so happy to receive this sweatshirt at Christmas this year!

Current Quote:

Everyone Brave Is Forgiven by Chris Cleave is intensely quotable. So many lines deserve to be underlined because somehow Chris Cleave caught the mundane in raw detail. Granted, with a setting of WWII, most of those quotes explore human mortality and perseverance of the living.

What’s Inspiring YOU?

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