November 2017 Inspiration

hot chocolate and reading

Happy November! Who doesn’t love the month of November with the family-filled, food-centric holiday? I’m all about the food, and I’m looking forward to spending hours reading (and maybe a few hours on aerial silks).

What do you get inspired by in November? Is it the homey and cozy stews? Or cuddling up under blankets? Are you already prepping for Christmas? Are you doing NaNoWriMo?

What I’m Being Inspired By

Current Jam:

About a month ago, my sister sent her own cover of this song to me. I loved her version, but I really enjoyed Ellie Holcomb’s original. This song feels like a prayer lullaby over me, and I just love to start the day with it. May the hope of Jesus fill your moment by moment.

Current Food:

hot chocolate and reading

Hot Chocolate. Nuff said. Okay, and something fuzzy and something printed read and white…? There’s this lovely practice of hygge from the colder regions of the world, and I just love it. It’s the focus of enjoying cold weather activities and not complaining about things you don’t like.

Current Read:

Perfume by Patrick Suskind is succchhhhhhhh a weird read. But it’s so well-written that I’m smelling the things that the author’s saying the main character is smelling. Weird, right?

Current Obsession:

aging makeup

Playing around with costumes and makeup? Yes, please. This past Halloween, I was three different costumes. Hipster Medusa, Myself in 50 years (pictured above), and a Nudist on Strike (in order to score a $3 burrito bowl from Chipotle). I’m thinking I should do this old age makeup again.

Current Quote:

"the dream is within you" fortune

Does anyone collect fortunes that just are good reminders for life? I’m starting a small collection. And it’s small because Chinese is like a once in three month activity for me! Also, I snickered at this fortune. (to be honest)

What’s Inspiring YOU?

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