October 2017 Inspiration

cast iron pizza

Honestly, inspiration posts are one of my favorites to do. I just love sharing the things that I’ve been obsessing over or being inspired by. And I try to keep these posts short and sweet so a quick scroll through will give you a glimpse of possible inspirations.

I know Halloween and pumpkins are a great inspiration for October. But I’m over here, just chugging away on the other random goodnesses in my life, like deep dish pizza and quirky movies.

What I’m Being Inspired By

Current Jam:

Today, I really struggled to choose a song that I’ve been listening to a lot. I’ve been head-over-heels for a lot of different songs (“Why?“), and the end of summer is like the Christmas of music. Artists drop music left and right, and I love it all (well, not all). Some songs I love because the sound, some because of the lyrics. And “Worst in Me” catches both of these for me as well as the way she sings it.

Current Food:

cast iron pizza

I inherited my great aunt’s cast iron skillet, and I’ve been itching to try making something in it, whether a frittata or a pizza, I didn’t care. But who can really pass up pizza? So I searched Pinterest for an amazing recipe, and I found it. Now, I rarely follow recipes perfectly. I see recipe instructions as suggestions so I messed with the recipe (I didn’t add corn meal, but I did include mushrooms in the toppings).

Current Read:

So, I love reading, and a natural extension of that love of reading is working with amazing book publishers. I receive a free copy of a book, and I can review it with my honest opinions, of course! I’m just starting Where We Belong by Lynn Austin. So keep your eyes peeled for the review this October. But, I have to say that I’m loving these two women travelers!

Current Obsession:

carnations in a wine glass

I accidentally beheaded a few carnations from a bouquet that I’d received. Okay, so it was a door. A door slammed into the flowers, and the idea of plopping those carnations into a wine glass made me grin. So this is adding some cheer to the bathroom!

Current Quote:

Amelie quote mug

I’m completely obsessed with the movie, Amelie. For years, I had friends telling me to watch this film, and when I finally saw it last year, I fell in love with Amelie. The entire movie is in French, but it just perpetually makes me grin. From one quirky girl to another, “times are tough for dreamers.”

What’s Inspiring YOU?

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