September 2017 Inspiration

Every Deadly Kiss book

When I realized that it was September, I almost fell out of my chair. Word on the street is that fall is coming, and you know, I love all the seasons. But me, I’m just NOT ready. Summer past in a blink, and I only went to the pool once. So sad.

What I’m Being Inspired By

Current Jam:

Avicii has been dropping music all through August, and I’ve just been loving it. Nothing sounds so good to me as beats with a sweet melody. Okay, I can’t even take myself seriously. But, I do really enjoy this song.

Current Food:

September 2017 Inspiration

Do you ever get on a food kick that you don’t want to shake? I can’t stop with jalapenos right now. And while a friend was out and about, that friend grabbed this spice for me. I dumped some on my curry the other day, and it was divinely spicy!

Current Read:

Every Deadly Kiss book

One of the best things about reading is all the different lives that one can live by exploring different genres. Every Deadly Kiss by Steven James has a complex plot and interesting characters. The surprises were everything. Read my review on Goodreads or Instagram.

Current Obsession:

aerial silks

Part bat??? Or Butterfly?

I just can’t stop. A good portion of August I was not allowed to do aerial silks as I gave an injury some time to recover. And, I was so sad. My obsession with circus/aerial arts is far from over.

Current Quote:

September 2017 Inspiration

Sometimes, a quote catches you by surprise. Since Every Deadly Kiss is a thriller/suspense novel, this line took me by surprise. Should I mention that this bit of truth came from a terrorist character?

What’s Inspiring YOU?



  1. Sara Jane Jacobs   •  

    I recently stumbled across a Scott Krippayne song that rekindled my interest in his music and inspired me to begin some new projects. After visiting his website ( I was even more inspired! Don’t you love the things that inspire us? Great post! Thanks for sharing what is inspiring you!

    • Barbara   •     Author

      Sara, thanks for stopping by. I remember when I used to follow a blog while in college, and my favorite posts were always the Inspiration posts. So I’ve tried to recreate my own here.

      And yes, music is sooooo inspiring. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever listened to Scott Krippayne. That last name does sound familiar!

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