Toetania’s Woe


Toetania stumbled for ToeTim.

Short and squat, strong—he stood.

He kept good company with four

Bound by root of their wood.


More to be than part of the four

She hoped to walk with him.

But never could they be in stride.

They grew on different limbs.


Destined to be leg-crossed lovers

with family rivalry

Being one foot-removed cousins

So much toe revelry.


Across the void, Toetania yelled,

“Toetim, stumble for me!”

He did not turn nor look to her.

A stride was missed by she.


And a tumble was felt by all

Crippled and saddened toe

Love unrequited forever

And this Toetania’s Woe.


Since I generally dislike poetry, I like to allow imagination to go a bit wild. In this little writing, I imagined what would happen if two toes on the same body fell in love with one another. Perhaps it’s a bit weird. And some of it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense; however, it’s pretty fun if I’m permitted to say that!

What About You?

Were you amused by this poem or would you like me to quit sharing these poor poetry skills? If you have better poetry, I’d be happy to share yours here!

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