Vienna: Pay with a Poem

Vienna: Pay with a Poem

Living in Vienna is a dream come true, and there is always something going on, like Julius Meinl’s Pay with a Poem campaign for World Poetry Day. Here’s the video ad that stopped me from skipping to the youtube video I wanted to see.

As a lover of words, I’m so behind this idea, and I only wish I loved coffee and tea more. This isn’t just happening in Vienna, though. It’s happening wherever Julius Meinl is served.

I’m hoping to take part in this Pay with a Poem campaign, despite my dislike of poetry. And no, not for the free tea or coffee, but because it’s cool to be a part of something that’s bigger than we are.

Words are life-changing. So’s a warm beverage.

Vienna: Pay with a Poem

The beauty of poetry is the fact that it’s both defined by rules and yet celebrated for its whimsy and emotion that break rules. If the idea of writing a poem overwhelms you and you’d rather reach for your wallet, allow me to challenge you to writing a poem.

Poetry Writing Tips (from someone who’d rather not write poetry)

   Choosing a subject

  1. Think of a recent time where you felt a lot of emotion. Were you angry? Happy? Sad? Start there.
  2. Is there something inspiring or depressing that needs to be expressed? Start describing it.
  3. Why not tell a story like Dr. Seuss?
  4. Have a special someone? Write about them and how they inspire you.

To rhyme or not to rhyme

  1. Rhyming. It can be a challenge, but it brings that extra sparkle power to your words or maybe it makes you feel like you’ve actually written a poem. If that’s the case, just go for it. Enjoy the process.
  2. Not rhyming. It’s not essential for a poem. You can employ repetition or keep track of the amount of syllables in each line to create a certain sound to your poem without a rhyme.

     Don’t be afraid to edit

  1. Scratch out your words and upgrade them. Your first draft doesn’t have to be final.
  2. Maybe your edit is a doodle in margin. Go with it.
  3. It’s fine not to edit your creativity.

I am not a poet, but these are ways that I prompt myself when someone throws down the challenge to write a poem. Sometimes the art begins right at your fingertip but other times you have to brainstorm it into being.

If you were able to take part in this, I’d love to read your poem. Comment below or tag me on Facebook or Instagram. Happy Poeming!

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