Author Interview: On Wings of an Avalanche by C.D. Gill

One of my favorite things is getting the chance to chat with authors. I love hearing bits and pieces about their novel or their process! And so I’m excited to introduce you to C.D. Gill and her book, On Wings of an Avalanche!

About C.D. Gill:

Author Interview: On Wings of an Avalanche by C.D. GillC.D. Gill caught the travel bug as a young girl. Now she integrates other cultures and faraway places into her fiction. Equally as important is her desire to lend a voice to those around world without one. Her favorite adventure buddy is her British pilot husband who doesn’t know how to sit still and whose stories have added fuel to her wild imagination.

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About On Wings of an Avalanche:

Author Interview: On Wings of an Avalanche by C.D. GillA struggling charity hospital, visa troubles, and an arrest at gunpoint leave Dr. Madison Cote at the mercy of the corrupt Malian police. Rescue comes at a price when a warlord demands that she traffic drugs in exchange for her freedom and his protection. When the French embassy enlists her to relay intelligence on the warlord, Dr. Cote’s trapped as a civilian double agent, facing an immediate death sentence if she’s caught.

Royal Air Force recruit Chip Chapman needs to prove to himself that he can be more than his abusive father. A week before basic training, an avalanche replaces his dreams of heroism with raw survivalism. Taken captive for his piloting skills, Chip plans to escape until he uncovers war crimes no human could ignore.

Both pressed into servitude, Dr. Cote and Chip forge a desperate alliance. But with lives in the balance, their allegiances and honor will be the least of the sacrifices required to topple a warlord.

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Author Interview: On Wings of an Avalanche by C.D. Gill

Quick (1-Word) Answers:

Favorite Dessert: Chocolate anything
Pet Peeve: Memes with blatant misspellings
Current Read: The Forgotten Way by Ted Dekker
Song on Repeat (include artist): “In the Blood” by John Mayer

In-Depth Questions

1. What inspired On Wings of an Avalanche?

My husband is a pilot and my father-in-law does missionary medical work in Africa so I gleaned a lot of ideas from them and even put in some of their real-life events. The rest was pure imagination.

Cordially Barbara: I lovvvve when real life meets fiction. That’s my favorite!

2. Did the characters of On Wings of an Avalanche teach you anything while you were creating the story?

I learned a lot through this story, but mostly it reaffirmed things I already believed. Like it’s best to let go of the hurts of the past because holding on taints your present. And you need to live every day to its fullest. If you love someone, tell them. If you want to do something, do it. You never know when your life will turn upside.

3. On a day of inclement weather, what would your protagonist be doing?

Madison would be practicing medicine. And Chip would be working out.

4. Is there a line or quote from On Wings of an Avalanche that you just love?

“And what was love if it didn’t forgive completely?”

Cordially Barbara: Oof, I’ve been musing on this concept recently. I so often say I’ve forgiven someone but my actions don’t show that.

5. Did you travel to research On Wings of an Avalanche?

I traveled to Africa in 2015. It wasn’t specifically for book research but I learned SO much from going. As Westerners, we have a lot of preconceived ideas from media or others’ filtered experiences as to what is happening in Africa. To see and hear and experience it for myself was incredible.

Cordially Barbara: Oh, man. I bet this could be a whole blog post or book of its own!

6. I like to write book reviews where I compare the book to food. What would you compare On Wings of an Avalanche to?

Spaghetti and meatballs—a challenge, but easy to love, satisfying, and something you can sink your teeth into.

Cordially Barbara: I love this comparison. And it’s so fun to find out how you, the author, would compare your book to food. Love it!

What do YOU love most about adventure books?


  1. C.D. Gill   •  

    Thanks for having me! This interview was so fun!

    • Barbara   •     Author

      It was so great having you! And I’m excited for your book journey. 🙂

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