Dreaming of Innsbruck

“You have to see the Alps. Or mountains, at least, when you’re in Austria.”

Yeah, yeah, okay. I’m not all about the mountains like this friend is. However, I decided that I should do it for her. So Ms. J, this trip to Innsbruck is for you. And I plan on taking lots of photos.

“Located in the broad valley between high mountains, the so-called North Chain in the Karwendel Alps (Hafelekarspitze, 2,334 metres or 7,657 feet) to the north, and the Patscherkofel (2,246 m or 7,369 ft) and Serles (2,718 m or 8,917 ft) to the south.” Thanks Wikipedia!

For now, I’m beginning my travel prep with some hardcore Pinterest time (follow me!). I’ll share with you a few of my favorite pins here (but first I’ll read the tips to see if I think they’re helpful or not)!

As I was scrolling through Pinterest, this picture kept grabbing my attention but the “with kids” part made me move away. Until I finally clicked. I’m glad I did. I found the following website post really helpful!

And let’s be honest. Everyone loves a pastel tourist map like this one. I’m hopeless at maps (and see, I’m still traveling), but I like these ones.

So now, I’m off to airbnb.com to check out possible places to stay for a few nights. I actually really love airbnb, and my experiences with them over the last few months have been so good. I like feeling as though I really live in a place rather than staying in an unoriginal hotel room that lacks all character and personality. If you’ve been too nervous to check it out, do it now! I always read the reviews as I’m trying to choose a place.

Happy Traveling!


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