February 2018 Inspiration

February 2018 Inspiration

Years ago, I followed a lovely blog that posted weekly inspiration posts, and I LOVED it. I mean, it was basically on my to-do list to look the blog up every Friday for that post. And then, one day, those inspirational posts stopped. In fact, the entire blog stopped.

I was sad. And so began my own little foray into inspiration posts.

Have you ever really loved someone else’s idea and then carried the torch after they stopped? Why’d you go the extra step? What made you carry on?

What I’m Being Inspired By

Current Jam:

Usually, I’ve got a song that I’ve been listening to on repeat, and I just can’t stop. Today, it was tougher to choose a song because I’ve been cycling through so many different genres of music. I’ve been lounging in the jazz genre as well as the newer musicals (ahem, The Greatest Showman) and movie soundtracks.

But this one is just so quirky. And I like the sound.

Current Food:

February 2018 Inspiration

Food is my favorite. Duh.

You know this because I judge books on a very subjective scale of cotton candy to Brussels sprouts!! But, this was a lovely cup of tea with desserts to my morning oatmeal. Yes, breakfast dessert can be a thing.

Current Read:

February 2018 Inspiration

Nothing is better than when a book appears in your mailbox, and it was unexpected. Two dear reading buddies in Hong Kong surprised me with book mail (months ago), and I’m so pumped to be sitting down with the intriguing character Quinn.

Current Obsession:

February 2018 Inspiration

Okay, I’m obsessed with two–wait, three–things in this photo! I heart-eyes that shirt because it seems so perfect for my aerial activities (after all, I spend my circus days “flying” or “soaring”). My newest circus obsession are the straps, and I really love this move…mostly because we termed in Angels on the Ropes.

Also, do you see that killer shoulder?? Yessssss.

Current Quote:

February 2018 Inspiration

I hung out with Moulin Rouge and friend the other day. And gosh, this quote is the point of the entire movie, but it’s such a daily challenge for me. I just want to yell back, “HOW!” How do we learn to love? How do we learn to be loved in return? Am I already doing it? No idea…!

What’s Inspiring YOU?

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